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Surf-Jbay Surf School and Lessons in Jeffreys Bay


Surf-Jbay Surf School and Lessons in Jeffreys Bay


WAVECREST SURF SHOOL is the surf school of choice in Jeffreys Bay, they provide professional coaching from beginner to advanced with quality equipment that can’t be rivalled. Situated at the main beach in Jeffreys Bay, it is the ideal location coz it’s only a 30 second walk to the Dolphin beach where beginner lessons take place.

Check there facebook page out for great tips: ”Nothing is more important to the beginning surfer than choosing the right first board Those thin, narrow rockets the stars are riding sure look exciting, but they are a disaster for surfers learning initial techniques. Therefore, keep these tips in mind when choosing your first surfboard.”

Andrew Moon, qualified ISA Instructor for Wavecrest Surf School has been in the surf industry for over 15 years and has 30 years surfing experience. Guiding his students from his personal expertise can be seen as just one of the perks.

Check them out at this link

January 23, 2019

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