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Jeffreys Bay – Skateboarding

Jeffreys Bay-Skateboarding-Jbay-Skating

There is a skatepark at the bottom of da Gama road opposite the Billabong factory shop and a bowl in the Quiksilver shop at the Fountains mall in Jeffreys Bay – South Africa.

Slow Motion Clip

This is the most stunning slow motion film that has come out in a long time. All footage was shot within an 8 hour span in Brooklyn, NYC.
Several of these shots will be used in part with a series of spots they are directing and producing which will be released sometime in the near future.


Check out their blog for more info:


Director/Cinematographer: Jonathan Bregel

Color Grade: Khalid

Production NGAFers:
Dan Selby, Jesse Korman, Chris Dowsett

Executive Producer:
James Douglas

Production Company:
Next Level Pictures

Special Thanks to:

Mike Sutton

Rule Boston Camera

E-Rock – Breaks Kru

Tyler Ginter


Song used: Skream – “Where you should be”

Download the
album/track here.

What Are The Basic Skateboarding Tricks?

The Ollie

A trick where the skater pops the skateboard into the air.
The effect is the skateboarder jumping with the skateboard stuck to his or her


Basically, the trick involves snapping the tail of the
skateboard down while sliding the front foot up along the skateboard and
jumping. This trick takes a lot of practice to get the technique, but once
learned it opens the door for the bulk of common skateboarding tricks.

A 50-50

A 50-50 grind is when a skateboarder grinds with both
trucks. When most skaters grind something, they use both trucks, and so are
50-50ing whatever they are grinding on.

Rock and rolls

A Rock and Roll is when a skateboarder rides up a ramp onto
the lip, or coping, and then rides away. The front trucks go over the lip, and
the bottom of the deck rests on the lip.


A manual is a skateboarding trick where, while rolling, the
front wheels of the skateboard are lifted off the ground, but the tail does not
touch the ground. This is called a manual or manualing. A manual is similar to
a wheelie in other wheeled sports.


A Kickflip is similar to an Ollie, but you flick the board
with your foot to make it spin underneath you while in the air. In a clean
kickflip, the skater kicks the board with the ball of his or her front foot,
the skateboard flips and spins over at least once, and the skateboarder lands
on the board comfortably, wheels down, and rides away.


March 24, 2012

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